It’s just us guys here so we can talk, okay?

Let’s face it: on some level we’re all fascinated with our device. We’ve been since we were little girls and figured out all the interesting stuff they should do.

Naturally, the fascination after puberty took a far darker shade as we learned what they could do REALLY. But the biggest question you have ever had about your will, if you’re like most people, is to tell me guys:

Is it still big enough?

The response will always be ‘no ‘ to millions of anxious men. Bigger still looks better for them. Look at the global multibillion dollar market that has emerged around goods and services that are meant to give you more tail.

There are all manner of bogus drugs, creams , lotions, pumps, strainers and fucking WEIGHTS that are held to make your dick larger – and don’t mention surgery. (Fuck off by the way).

Penis enlargement procedure. Penis enlargement.

You should certainly piss off like that.

  • But is a large penis really always better?
  • You have heard of “big dick energy” these days, but is it really good to lug around a sausage plate big enough to kill a child’s seal?
  • What sort of problems does a big dick have?
  • What are the issues of men whose cocks are too large for women?
  • And what are the ways to prevent these complications if you have a big penis?
  • Does that mean that a large cock ‘s energy doesn’t matter?

First, what is a “GREAT” TAIL?

Naturally, the online porn boom in many respects is fantastic. The naked meat parade right on our sweaty little fingers is undoubtedly the demise of humanity, but we need not worry. However, some drawbacks still remain. Besides the whole thing about the demise of history , for example.

Firstly, we have no expectations for what constitutes a big penis, or even a decent penis, and we must thank porn for that.

Most guys have so many images of monster porn cocks in their faces that we have lost our perspective absolutely. When we look at our own tiller, let ‘s say that we can’t help but feel insufficient.

Let’s for now set that aside.

The average penis size for erect males is 5.2 cm long and 4.6 cm tall. It’s a long way from what you see in porn.

If you have a penis 8 inches or larger, that places men worldwide in the top 2 percent of the penis scale. Thank you, you’ve got a huge dick.

But for her, is your cock too big?

And even though you’re aware of this, even if you know the error of the phallus intellectually, even though you realize that it is delusory to believe that anything under eight inches is just a pathic little screw, many guys still want a bigger tail.

What they don’t realize is that magnetic pigs hold major issues with huge cocks – which, believe it or not, also arise in the bedroom.


Come on, I hear you say. I hear you say. What is the future dilemma for a woman with a guy with a big penis? Is there really anything like a tail too large for her? You don’t like that?

You’ll be shocked to know how many women witnessed being with a guy whose virtue was too huge for them and that it wasn’t too much fun. It was frustrating for others – and also risky for some.

There are many tales of ruptured ovarian cysts, a rip off the vaginal wall, a bruised or dislocated collar, such a great intensity of the cock may also cause huge boudoir problems.

Here is a partial list of the big cock problems that have been reported:

Condoms: Even though extra large forms of penis use extra large condoms, they sometimes split or slip away during intercourse. Condoms: Moreover, bigger guys sometimes complain that they don’t suit in and feel awkward (indeed, your college student’s not kidding about that told the girls to let it go as a rough dog).

Painful Sex: Yeah, some people may like to hit a guy with a big penis, but they also warn him that it hurts like hell. Not only is the vagina likely to break or hurt; it will lead to pain even if stopped, to the point when it destroys mood.

Nothing about to stop and say, “Are you okay? “To waste a fun night over and over again.

When you can’t get into it, it sucks: guys, you can think of anything more painful than half your penis? Or less? Or less? This part always feels good, yes, but come on, come on! Who doesn’t want to go deep into the eggs?

For many XXL guys this’s just a reality when it comes to penetrating sex: you can not get a complete penetration to the max with several partners.

It hurts for them too: if you haven’t known, women have what they call clitoris. And they feel good when you rub them. If you have sex with a girl upstairs, then you might find her rubbing her with her cock against you before she stops?

For certain women, this is the only way to get away without scratching their clitoris with penetrative intercourse.

If you are the man with a big anacond dick, this won’t happen to her, which means that sex with a guy with a large cock is less enjoyable for you than sex with a medium guy.

All right so what will I do if I have a big jumbo dick?

Well, you haven’t lost anything if you’ve had huge tail issues, even if you pack a salami stallion scale. There are some ways that can make it better for you and she in the bedroom, based on the testimonies of women who are on receipt from men wearing strong meat sticks.

Take it slowly: this is a simple repair. If you are taller than normal, you’re definitely going to have to take your time, kid. Male impatience in many bedroom experiences has spoiled the mood, even for those with medium-sized penises, and for guys with huge penises it doubles.

Lube is the friend: take it slower when packing, but make sure you’re well accepted before trying to reach the sanctuary with a large penis. And you can see that it may be completely engaged and not so lubricated often. There’s no embarrassment when you’re on the bigger side, using a decent water-based lube to make it slide extra.

Try different positions: A lot of major cock issues can be avoided by actually allowing her more influence over festivities. Try multiple places, let her decide the pace and how far you go – all of which would make it a good experience for her.

Have Fun That Way: Of course, we know that there are lots of activities that you can do sexually. It’s quick to get wrapped up in the fact that penetration is the sexual nuts and bolts, but bear in mind that it just forms part of the sexual gratification.

Then what is the energy of Big Dick? Is that saying it’s done for Bde?

People have long been dreaming about big pick energy and the dirty little secret is that it is all about trust, not real penis size.

Only two percent of men have penises bigger than 8 inches, as we have seen before, there’s a lot more than this confident bunch of guys swinging BDE, you don’t think?

Trust – also known as “big cock” energy – comes from being relaxed with your body, understanding who you are and knowing what it means.

Training, getting in shape, concentrating on the positive, focusing on what is good. Let the murderer smile chuckle everywhere you go and you’ll be rumored to have amazing dick energy too.

Believe in it! Believe in it!

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