Top 20 Tiniest and Shortest Pornstars

People have various kinks, fetishes, and turn-ons, but one of the main kinks that most porn watching men have is to see a small girl being fucked in the most graphic way possible! I’m not just making that up, but you should take a look at the material that famous studios are pushing, and you’re going to see that most of them have a big guy and a petit spinner paired with each other, and you know the rest! So, that’s why we’ve assembled the list of the shortest pornstars of 2020 and you’re going to use it for analysis purposes.

Since there are a lot of porn stars in the industry, and they come in all shapes and sizes, we’ve agreed to publish lists of all you may like. I’ve already published a list of tall porn ladies, so I wanted to publish this post as well. And this year, I’ve revamped it to add tinier pornstars that I may have skipped before, and I’ve even added a few new actors that have recently made their debut. I also know that you would expect a lot of teens to be on this list because I predicted that as well when studying, but you’ll be shocked to find that there are a lot of adult babies out there as well. So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s hop straight in the queue and find out the best little pornstars of the year!

The Smallest of Pornstars

Cecilia lion

To be honest, I’ve seen a few videos of this sexy ebony pornstar, and when I watch ebony porn, I like the girl to be curvaceous, with big tits and an butt, because that’s what I want. That doesn’t mean that Cecilia Lion isn’t decent though, because she’s gorgeous and her performances are always top notch, and after watching some of her latest roles, I’ll keep an eye on her new scenes as well. She ‘s got a little build, cute little boobs, and a strong butt that gives the ultimate view when it comes to doggy style. So check out a couple of videos to see how hot it is!

Burning snow

If you’re in teens and Asians, here’s the right mix for you to remain on your watch list! Ember Snow made her debut in 2017 and has been faithful with the amount of videos she’s made since then. Aside from the hardcore boys / girls scenes, she’s even done some bisexual scenes, and after a sluggish start she’s started doing more and more anal scenes, and hopefully this year we’ll see her taking even bigger cocks in all her holes. She’s been pursuing other hardcore porn genres, and last year she was performing her first scene with a transgender pornstar! While she might not be the shortest porn star of all, she certainly merits this spot, as her partners are still towering over her in her scenes!

Penny Pax

Penny Pax has been my favorite since I saw her for the first time, and I know I saw her late, but I loved her videos to keep up with her latest scenes! The fiery redhead has been in the industry since 2011 and appeared in some of the hardest porn scenes like no other pornstar on this list. Blessed with a beautiful face, a curvaceous body and massive natural breasts, she has what it takes to become one of the best actresses of the years to come! She did a lot of anal scenes at the beginning of her career, including anal fisting, ass-in-mouth, double penetration, and a lot more. Plus, she’s perhaps one of the most perverted porn stars since she did a lot of bondage and porn submission. So, if you’re hunting for a pornstar who’s doing everything from erotic lesbian porn to hardcore porn, now you know which girl to find out!

Vina heaven

You would have wanted to see a lot of little pornstars on this list, because the little ones are almost always the shortest pornstars, too! Vina Sky is one of the entrants to the industry, and she has a decent share of fun as she hops from one studio to another, sucking and fucking as many cocks as she can. The flat-haired Asian slut has already starred in some of the hottest scenes of the last year and took the biggest cocks with ease, proving that “big stuff comes in little packets.” So, make sure you keep track of her as she launches one fantastic scene after another, where she’s dominated and fucked mercilessly by all her partners!

Jynx Labyrinth

There are pornstars who have worked for a long time who are so famous that they’ve all seen at least one video of them in their lifetime, and Jynx Maze is one of those pornstars. Even, if you love watching porn anal videos, you need to know more about this mature kid as she is one of the most hot porn anal actresses of all time. She has a beautiful smile, a perfect body with tiny, perky tits; but it’s her large, round butt that she’s known for, and she’s used that to her benefit in all her videos. Her tight anus can swallow cocks in all sizes and types without blinking the eyelid. Then if you love MILFs and like watching anal scenes, you’ve got to check out their episodes!

Jane Wilde

Jane Wilde visited the porn industry in early 2018. Since then, she has starred every year in hundreds of porn scenes, becoming one of the most bankable teenage actresses in the industry. The pretty pornstar may look timid and naive, but she’s as slutty as they come and loves to suck a big cock while the other two big cocks fuck her pussy and anus at the same time. She is perhaps one of the most talented actresses as she not only did hardcore shoots like oral, interracial, double penetration and more, but she also loves shooting with other girls and wants to star in lesbian scenes.

Trinity St. Clair

If you name Trinity St. Clair, who’s just 1.5 meters wide, a horny little slut, it’s not ridiculous, since that’s how this porn star can be aptly defined. Italian beauty is endowed with a slender body that is taken for granted by the little porn stars and that allows her to be as submissive as possible in all her porn presentations. But don’t let her little height fool you a little, because she likes sucking big cocks until she can stick them deep inside her tight cunt. Plus, she enjoys playing and trying new things, and that’s one of the reasons why she became a porn star because she wanted to film a porn scene out of pure curiosity, and in the end she enjoyed it. But next time you look at this tiny pornstar, you know she really loves the deep fuck!

Jade Kusch

If you’ve been regularly watching porn in the last few years, you’d be watching a lot of videos involving Jade Kush! This novice is busy making her mark in the adult film industry and doing a damn fine job. The Chinese porn star looks wonderful because she has everything a girl might desire in her body and in great proportions. She’s got a short stature, all-natural tits that are the right height, and a firm round butt that’s a sight to behold while the doggy style waits to get the dick up her cunt. I love girls with nose rings, too, which is why I award them extra points!

Angel Littles

It wasn’t long ago that I saw this gorgeous teenager on a porn scene for the first time, and I was absolutely astonished. Angel Smalls is one of the shortest porn stars in the industry, but the video I saw was a multiracial scene and she was hooked up with a male porn star who had one of the biggest cocks in the business. Not just the largest cocks, but also the most thick ones. So when I saw her stick out her mouth to suck his cock and miss, I thought she couldn’t stand it in her cunt. But she proved to me that I was wrong because not only did she take it deep into her cunt, but she also gave me a fascinating performance. And just as you know, her filmography is full of intense scene after scene as she filmed lots of gangbang scenes, double penetration scenes, interracial scenes, anal scenes, as well as some interracial gangbang scenes.

Rachel Roxx

I didn’t expect her to end up on the shortest pornstar list when I watched her videos for the first time, but it may be because she was partnered with a partner who was her height! However, Rachel Roxxx might not be the shortest compared to most other girls; but when you look at the entrants to the industry, only one inch may make a huge difference. So if you like tiny babes, then you probably deserve to watch this mature pornstar get fucked like she really is. Her curvy figure, her seductive face, her huge fake boobs that are truly beautiful, and her round butt make her the perfect formula for a messy blast if you know what I mean!

Sunny Lane

Even though she’s no longer in the porn industry, I couldn’t ignore Sunshine Lane when compiling this list, and that’s why she’s here! This gorgeous pornstar is one of the most famous faces in the porn industry, and if you’re a fanatic butt, you may be drooling in her videos. She’s blessed with a beautiful body that’s neither too curvy nor too short, and she’s got stunning natural boobs together with an incredible butt. She also has a seductive smile that makes her look incredibly hot even with her clothes on. When she was alive, she was one of the most famous anal actresses. She knew her fans wanted to see her butt bounce over a huge dick, so she starred in several anal scenes, leaving other pornstars well behind in terms of fame!


I’m going to be honest when I say I haven’t seen a lot of videos with Aspen Romanoff, and I didn’t even know about her until I wrote this post. However, as we are naming the shortest porn stars in the industry, I had to add her as one of the smallest actresses at 4’11. The blonde porn star may have a pretty face and a fantastic body with huge boobs and butt, but since her debut in 2017, she’s only made a handful of films. She’s played interracial scenes, creamy scenes, as well as queer scenes, and I hope she’ll keep producing more material in the years to come!

Madison Ivy’s

No one in the world knows who Madison Ivy is or has not seen one of her videos. The resident porn queen couldn’t keep away from all the amazing sex she had in the porn industry, so she made a comeback after declaring her retirement, and since then she’s been giving us some of the hottest gigs ever. She doesn’t look too little when she’s alone; but when she’s partnered with other porn stars, she looks very short, because what to expect at 4’11! But there’s a reason the brunette porn star is at the forefront, and it’s because of her sheer sexual intensity and her seductive traits that she takes full advantage of in all her scenes, so if you haven’t seen her latest videos, you’re missing out on some pretty cool material.

Joanna Engel’s

As one of the biggest mature porn actresses in the industry, Joanna Angel is high on the map when it comes to alt porn. The all-natural kid is a total package because she’s not only a great star, she’s also a director, a writer and an exotic dancer. The tattooed pornstar has been in the industry for more than a decade and also launched a widely popular BurningAngel website targeted specifically at fans who want to see tattooed babes get fucked. If you look at the pornstar yourself, you know it’s going to be awesome to watch because she began her career with an anal scene and did anal scenes for most of her career, save for a few lesbian and double penetration scenes.

Sheridan’s love

If you like curvy porn stars, there’s no one better than Sheridan Love to fulfill your desires. There are a lot of hot brides in the monster curve business, but what makes this MILF the hottest is the fact that it’s very thin, which brings much more focus to its curves. Her huge, natural boobs with pierced nipples and her much bigger butt give her an hourglass figure, and making the biggest cocks noticeable is a real challenge, because whether it’s a titty fuck or a pussy fuck, she has the power to hide it absolutely! I always liked watching their sex scenes because you don’t often see a short pornstar with a curvy body, a big butt and one of the biggest pairs of porn breasts.

Kaylan Lei

It’s a well-known reality that Asians are damn sexy, and it’s been proved in adult movies that almost all Asians look insanely stunning. Kaylani Lei is one of the most successful porn stars in the industry for a long time and there’s no reason we can’t count her one of the best MILF porn stars out there. She’s recently gone under a knife for bigger breasts, so she’s not going overboard, which is a wonderful thing. It doesn’t matter whether you watch her previous videos or the latest ones, every single one of them looks beautiful. And if you haven’t seen her videos yet, I recommend you check out the videos because she did some pretty tough stuff you ‘d love to see!

Ford’s Lilly

Here’s somebody that has a grin on her face in all their videos, and I’m pretty sure she’s very pleased with the rough fuck she ‘s having on a daily basis. Lilly Ford is probably one of the most popular female porn stars in the industry and has proved on several occasions that she has what it takes to hold her place as the best of the best. The flat-haired pornstar likes to be dominated and her tiny frame makes it possible for her lovers to do so, which ensures that most directors take full advantage of this by matching her with the big guy or the MILF to make us a fantastic one scene full of sweet, dominating action!

Holly Hendrix

One look at Holly Hendrix and you’d know what a perverted little girl she is, and she’s not timid at all! The small pornstar has proved in numerous scenes that she’s a cum eating whore who enjoys sucking huge cocks before getting her holes packed with them. And while she’s got a pretty narrow frame, which means she ‘s got pretty tiny holes, she doesn’t mind at least pushing them to their limits with big cocks. She’s very fond of anal sex as she stared in quite a few anal scenes, but she also loves double penetration, particularly one where multiple BBCs fuck their holes. If you enjoy seeing perverted pornstars be oppressed by hardcore talk, then you’re not going to be disappointed when you check out this little slut ‘s output!

Piper Perri

I didn’t especially like her when she started working in the industry, and maybe that’s because she used to wear braces and didn’t look as fine as she does now. However, she’s matured quite a bit and lost the braces for an incredible grin. In addition, without ruining it with any changes, she retained her little figure. Piper Perri is one of the shortest porn stars in the industry, and she used that to her benefit because there are a lot of fans in the world who just love to see a little babe be dragged around by a powerful guy when he’s fucked her in various positions, just accepting her submissive part and enjoying all the fuck without saying a single thing that isn’t a moan!

Kenzie is Sleeping

I don’t know what her final scenes are all about, but she seems to miss getting a tattoo on her chest because all her final scenes obscured the section with her top. But if you miss this part, you’re going to really enjoy the rest of her body, which is damn tight. She ‘s got one of the shortest bodies of any porn star, a tight cunt and an almost tight anus, and she’s got perky little breasts that are pretty exhausting. But if you like watching little babes with big hard cocks get fucked then Kenzie Reeves should certainly be on your watch list because she’s not one to forget!

Jasmine Gray

Like most of the shortest pornstars on this list, Jasmine Gray has an incredibly slim body that makes her the perfect pick for submissive roles. But being a good option doesn’t mean you’re very good, so success is meant to do justice to the cast. And in all her scenes, this little slut prevails by offering the sloppiest and most fascinating representation. She’s got a slim frame with perky little boobs and a solid round butt, and it’s a total joy to watch her show off her deep talents without gagging. And there’s no reason for me to remind you that she has a tight cunt, which means that her lovers spend the time of their lives raping her senselessly in several dominate positions!

Skylar Valentine

Skylar Valentine is without a doubt one of the shortest porn stars in the industry, four feet and seven inches tall. She made her debut in 2018, but so far she’s just filmed a little more than a dozen scenes, which is the same thing given how hot it will be to see her fucked in the most brutal way by many different porn stars. It’s her preference, though, to work anytime she wishes, so it is. But there’s no need to lose heart as she filmed some pretty great scenes showcasing her love of rough and badass sex by banging several cocks at the same time. She ‘s got a little body with beautiful little boobs with pierced nipples and a big round ass, and I’m sure we’ll see more of her in the months to come, because the rough sex she’s looking for is no different in the porn industry!

What are your favorite porn stars?

So you’ve got it, the best ranking of the shortest pornstars of 2020! If you liked this post, then make sure you share it with as many people as you can, and if you have some ideas about how to make this list any better, or if you have pornstar tips, then please let me know in the comments section below, as I might have missed any obvious choices and will do so in the next update. Before then, let’s post it as much as possible and make this list of tiny porn stars the best on the internet!