Most Common & Popular Kinks

Tired of your love life with vanilla? If you’ve ever been ashamed of yourself since you have a dirty little secret about what made you into decades ago. You are likely to be bullied for being a “dead bed” these days.

Like it or not, the times have changed, so have we. Though once considered psychologically deviant, in recent years sexual subcultures – kink, fetishism, and BDSM – have been more commonly recognized in society than ever before, and many sex experts conclude that these unorthodox sexual behaviors have little to do with psychological conditions. In reality, they’re more popular than we think they are. A survey recently published in the Journal of Sex Studies showed that one in three individuals in the United States have engaged in one of these activities at least once in their lifetime. Fetishism has been excluded from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) “sick list” since 2018 due to improvements in science and clinical experience and significant shifts in social perceptions.

With most people who have kinky sex, kink or fetish is only an uncommon type of sexual expression, as long as it is “safe, acceptable, and consensual” and may not do hurt or harm to others. It goes without saying that a kink or fetish, when properly exercised, spices up your sex life and builds a deeper intimate connection between partners; more so, it can also be associated with improved mental wellbeing.

If you dive into the realm of kinks, you’ll be ashamed of your inventive poverty, for one thing you might think is ridiculous, or a bazaar happens to cater to another person.

There are several quirks or fetish lists on blogs, many of which are just a description of psychiatric terms. It can easily be confounding and dishonest not to know when to draw a line between uncommon sexual desires and psychiatric illnesses. If you’ve completely grasped the quirks after reading our sticky list, you should browse around for like-minded people in the biggest kinky dating app, KinkD.

Definitions of kink, fetish, and paraphilic disorders

Kink is a sexual taste or action that is uncommon. A kink might turn you on, but you don’t really need it to work sexually.

Fetish is a state in which you have a deep sexual obsession on a certain inanimate object or a non-genital portion of the body, and without it you can not be stimulated or taken to an orgasm. The thing or body part that allows you to be called a fetish.

Paraphilia is a psychological word for “kink” that refers to any atypical or non-normative sexual activity that allows you to feel sexually attracted and fulfilled. Fetishism is a paraphilia type.

Paraphilic Disorder: You may have paraphilia, but you may not count for paraphilic disorder until it induces paraphilic disorder.

  1. Psychological stress / injury / death of a person or a person
  2. This requires people who are unable or unable to give their legal consent.
    In that way, possessing odd sexual preferences is a human right, but any kink is related to the likelihood of a diagnosis of paraphilic disorder.

So keep tuned and play wisely!

Kinks Subcategories

Currently, there is no such thing as “a full set of defects.” You may have a kink about something in general. So, instead of only listing them in alphabetical order, we’ve divided most of the common kinks into a few core groups based on their existence and degree of risk.

Node for inanimate objects (fetishism)

  • Agalmatophilia – a romantic addiction to human statues, dolls, mannequins. This is distinct from Pygmalionism, which refers to an aversion to the objects of one’s own creation.
  • Altocalciphilia – emotionally excited high heels, typically worn by women, but not always.
  • Balloon obsession – sexual pleasure from bubbles, and also entails inflating a portion of the body by placing balloons under clothes.
  • Belonephilia – romantic excitement with sharp points such as pins, needles, razors.
  • Corsetry – wearing a corset to change the appearance of the body.
  • Diaper Obsession – Sexual arousal in diapers and/or the use of diapers. He is also interested in infantilism, scatism, water sports, mockery, and conquest.
  • Fire game — any sexual activity involving fire.
  • Food game — any sexual activity linked to food. This can involve having someone as a plate or table, coating the partner’s body with food and licking it off (think about whipped cream or chocolate syrup, so you can be creative!)
  • Keraunophilia – erotic pleasure from lightning and thunder.
  • Kigurumi – sexual pleasure from wearing a cosplay outfit or anime mask.
  • Knife Play – an activity in which you sprint with a knife or sword along your partner to increase sexual pleasure.
  • Latex / Gum fetish – sexual desire for latex, rubber, PVC and related products.
  • Mechanophilia – physical addiction to computers and/or sexual behavior in / on a certain form of computer, such as vehicles, washing machines, androids, etc.
  • Pygmalionism – a romantic bond to the human-like development of one’s own work, e.g. to brush against a statue.
  • Plushophilia – a sexual addiction to plush toys or soft toys. In order to have romantic encounters with their dolls, people are changing their plush toys with holes or holes.
  • Retifism – sexual excitement in sneakers or other shoes.
  • Robotism – romantic excitement towards robots that is caused by the use of a computer in a sexual act.
  • Ropework – a sexual fascination with ropes, particularly when it comes to bondage in BDSM.
  • Siderodromophilia – sexual excitement to rail or train ride.
  • Stigmatophilia – sexual pleasure from piercings and tattoos, particularly on the genitals and/or nipples.
  • Stockings – sexual excitement by wearing stockings.
  • Strap-on – sexual excitement by using a strap-on for genital, dental, or vaginal penetration.
  • Technophilia – the erotic desire to computers, such as cyborgs, robots, mechas, and sex machines.
  • Tentacles – a sexual fascination with tentacles, usually a mythical insect, represented in porn or pornographic animation.
  • Thesauromania – a sexual fascination with a selection of women’s clothes, particularly underwear.
  • Underwear – a romantic fascination with underwear that usually involves a guy who wants to smell, wear, or wear women’s underwear.
  • Uniforms – sexual gratification from a partner wearing a certain kind of uniform.
  • Wax game – A type of BDSM temperature game in which wax is added to induce a mild burning sensation on the skin.
  • Gun Obsession – erotic arousal with weapons.
  • Wet and Dirty (WAM) fetish – sexual pleasure by adding wet, slimy and dirty liquids that are not body fluids to bare skin or clothes. Often referred to as “sploshing.”
  • Xylophilia – sexual stimulation in wood.
  • Yeast – sexual excitement to baked food that has risen with yeast, such as bread , pastries and especially hot dough. People with this fascination are often drawn to partners with yeast infections, so adding yeast to the genitals will lead to infection.

Kinking for a living thing (non-human)

  • Dendrophilia – sexually drawn to a tree.
  • Ant crawling – sexually attracted as insects such as bugs, cockroaches, etc. climb on plants or are nibbling on them.
  • Zoophilia – sexual attraction or predilection towards non-human species. It’s NOT the real act of having sex with animals. It’s not against the rules to have sexual desires or desires with animals.

Kinks for areas of the body

  • Acomoclitic – the physical arousal of the hairless genitals.
  • Armpit Obsession – Sexual pleasure by smelling, licking, or kissing the armpits.
  • Cock and/or Egg Fetish – A sexual fascination with cocks and eggs.
  • Foot fetish – a sexual fascination with the foot.
  • Macrogenitalism – a physical addiction to gigantic genitals.
  • Nasolingus – sexual gratification for kissing and/or sucking someone’s nose.
  • Nasophilia – romantic excitement for nasal passages.
  • Oculolinctus – sexual pleasure by chewing the eyeballs.
  • Oculophilia – sexual arousal in the eyes.
  • Odontophilia – sexual fascination with teeth, such as kissing one’s partner’s teeth or chewing one’s teeth.
  • Partialism – a sexual fascination with any aspect of the body, e.g. Foot, tits, hair, etc.
  • Quirofilia – sexual excitement of the paws. It may be a fascination with a particular shape of the hands or part of the hands, such as fingertips, fingernails, or actually a certain movement of the hands, e.g. Clean the dishes with your mouth.
  • Trichophilia – a sexual fascination with human hair, most commonly scalp hair, people with this kink or fetish get excited by staring at, touching, or, in some extreme situations, swallowing hair.

Kinks of Physical Pollution

  • Peeing – a sexual act involving urine is often known as “water sports.”
  • Haematolagnia – erotic excitement with blood, usually consuming, chewing, when blood is seen by blood licking or biting.
  • Menophilia – sexual arousal with menstrual blood.
  • Mysophilia – sexual excitement by smelling or tasting items that have been tainted with human fluids during intercourse, such as panties or tampons.
  • Olfactophilia – sexual arousal of sights and smells originating from the body , particularly the sexual region.
  • Skatophilia – sexual excitement in the poop, also known as “coprophilia.”
  • Vomiting – the sexual arousal of vomiting or the content of vomiting.

Nodes for a particular category of companion

  • Allorgasmia – sexual pleasure by fantasizing about having sex with someone other than the actual wife.
  • Anonymous sex – a method of having sex with someone whose name you don’t recognize, e.g. a hole of glory.
  • Gerontophilia – the sexual orientation of the elderly.
  • Hybrisophilia – the romantic desire to someone believed to have committed “a crime or an offense such as kidnapping, murder or armed robbery.” In certain instances, the person at the root of sexual desire is someone who has been incarcerated. Hybristophilia can, in some situations, drive and threaten their spouse to commit a crime.
  • Macro fetish – a physical desire to beings that are greater than themselves in sexual imagination, e.g. a man with a Marco fetish, will be aroused by the fantasy of being raped, insulted, or consumed by a giant.
  • Cornophilia – physically attracted by pregnant women or by childbirth.
  • Microfetish – a physical addiction to being small or sharing sex with small partners.
  • Morphophilia – a physical preference to partners with a particular type of body feature (e.g. appearance, height, skin and hair color) that is distinct from your own, such as obese people, amputees and dwarfs.
  • Parthenophilia – sexual desire for virgins, particularly girls with delayed puberty. Imagination is all right, the real act may be a felony!
  • Savantophilia – sexual excitement in individuals who are cognitively disabled or have slow growth.
  • Somnophilia – romantic obsession with sleeping or unconscious individuals. Often known as Sleeping Beauty Syndrome.
  • Teratophilia – the sexual desire to aliens or deformed humans.
  • Xenophilia – a romantic attraction to the unseen or something distinct from one’s own experiences, e.g. a sexual appetite for aliens and mutants.

Kinks Settings (Locations)

  • Acrophilia – high-altitude sexual arousal or high-altitude sexual act.
  • Actirasty – sexual pleasure from exposure to the sun. It is also associated with sexual excitement from outdoor sexual activities.
  • Agoraphilia – Predilection for sex in public spaces or outside is unethical to indulge in most parts of the country.
  • Aquaphilia – romantic exposure to fish, water, and aquatic sports.
  • Claustrophilia – sexual pleasure from being trapped in tight, confined spaces.
  • Captivity – sexual pleasure by being trapped in a single place or venue, e.g. in a cage.
  • Intoxication – sexual propensity for the use of drugs or alcohol before or after sexual activity.
  • Nyctophilia – sexual attraction in the dark late at night.
  • Psychrophilia – a romantic fascination with ice, or seeing others freeze.
  • Telephonophilia – sexual excitement by chatting about sexual and erotic matters on the call.

Kinging For Physical Pain (Damage)

  • Acrotomophilia – physically attracted by an amputee (legs or arms).
  • Apotemnophilia – sexual pleasure from the amputation of one’s limbs (legs or arms).
  • Castration – sexual gratification from the elimination of male testicles is, in reality, an incredibly dangerous activity, and most definitely only the idea or imagination of castration inspires people.
  • Feederism – sexual pleasure by feeding yourself or another human with the intention of adding weight or height.
  • Masochism – physical or emotional discomfort or sexual pleasure shame.
  • Needlework – sexually excited by piercing, scraping the flesh with needles.
  • Cancellation – sexually stimulated by withdrawing a portion of the body.
  • Nullo – physically aroused by the absence of genitals.
  • Odaxelagnia – physically aroused by chewing or biting.
  • Sadism – sexual excitement by causing physical or psychological discomfort and/or embarrassment on others.
  • Symphorphilia – sexual pleasure by witnessing a traffic wreck or other unpleasant event.
  • Urtication – the method of using nettles to stimulate your skin for sexual pleasure.
  • Vaccinophilia – sexual arousal due to vaccination.

Kinks for Role Play / The Case

  • Age game – a type of adult role-play in which both players behave at various ages, e.g. Infantilism, play father-daughter.
  • Alien – a dream of sex with aliens that mostly takes place in an abduction or manipulative situation.
  • Pregnancy – Sexually induced by the desire of both partners to get pregnant during unprotected vaginal intercourse.
  • Infantilism – a type of role-play in which one person behaves as a child or child while the other assumes a parental role.
  • Hospital Game – a medically-oriented role-playing game in which intimate couples use medical equipment and wear uniforms to perform relevant roles in this situation.
  • Pet game – a kink in which a human dresses up and behaves like a pet.
  • Pony play – a kink where a human dresses as a pony and behaves like a pony.
  • Puppy game – a type of role-playing game in which you play the role of a puppy.
  • Harpaxophilia – romantic pleasure by becoming the target of a burglary.
  • Phygeophilia – sexual excitement as an immigrant on the move.
  • Vampire – romantic obsession with a vampire or a role-playing vampire video.

Tendency for a specific sexual act

  • Anal sex – the ritual of inserting genitals, fingers, or sex toys into the anus for sexual enjoyment. Enemas – a practice of inserting blood into the rectum to drain the intestine. It’s also used to train for anal play.
  • Pegging – anal intercourse between a woman and a male with which a woman penetrates a strap-on man.
  • Rimming – an oral-anal sex ritual in which one human stimulates another by licking, kissing, sucking anus.
  • Barebacking-to have sex without wearing a condom. Note that this is harmful since it can lead to the transmission of STIs or pregnancy.
  • Body painting – erotic pleasure in the act of the body of painting.
  • Clothed sex – sexual desire for wear sex,
  • Cross-dressing – dressing like the same sex with clothing , accessories, make-up and wigs.
  • Crush fetish – sexual pleasure by the act of crushing, which typically entails seeing or crushing small insects, creatures, or food.
  • Dakryphilia – sexual excitement, seeing tears, or weeping.
  • Multiple penetration – penetrating the vagina and anus of a woman by penises or sex dolls at the same time.
  • Fig formation – inject a peeled ginger root into a woman’s anus or vagina to produce a burning feeling.
  • Fistling – the insertion of a hand into a virgin or an ass.
  • Effect Play – a form of BDSM activity in which one beats the other for physical satisfaction, e.g. spanking.
  • Rock slapping – striking someone with a stick for sexual gratification.
  • Whipping – beat anyone with certain utensils, such as eyelashes, whips, clubs, sticks, etc.
  • Spanking – getting physically frustrated by spanking or spanking the buttocks. The act of spanking is generally done with bare hands, whips, paddles, or other devices.
  • Internal cumshots – a sexual act of ejaculation in the vagina of a woman.
  • Intercrural or interfemoral sex – stabbing between the legs of a female without penetration.
  • Lactation – physical gratification in breast-feeding, which can consist of watching women breast-feed, breast-feeding, and/or having sex with breast-feeding women.
  • Pictophilia – sexual excitement while watching porn, particularly while watching the same act or performer.
  • Revving – sexual excitement from watching someone (usually a woman) crank an engine, particularly if they’re wearing stockings or high heels. Often referred to as “engine cranking” or “pedal pumping.”
  • Sensational Play – a method of manipulating the body’s senses to enhance sexual satisfaction; it typically includes the use of silk towels, feathers, ice, massage oils, and other related utensils. Unlike the BDSM series, which is about pain and the sharing of strength, the sensational game is fun and simple for both vanilla and kinksters.
  • Knismolagnia – sexually excited by tickling or tickling as it activates some of the same muscles as orgasms.
  • Zentai – sexual desire for wearing skin-tight suits that cover you from head to toe during intercourse. People with this inclination would be aroused by a sense of anonymity and/or a hug in tight fits.
  • Sensory loss – sexual activity in which the body’s senses are removed or diminished, e.g. Blindfolds used to obscure vision

Kinks to Restriction

  • Amaurophilia – sexual desire for not being able to see your partner during sex, i.e. shutting off the light or blindfold.
  • Bondage – bind or shackle to the sexual pleasure of both partners.
  • Breath play – a method of restriction of breathing for sexual pleasure.
  • Choking – Obstruction of breathing and blood flow to the brain by placing pressure on the carotid arteries with your hands, belt, or stranglehold.
  • Gag – a device that’s put on or in someone’s mouth to discourage them from communicating. Gags are generally associated with role-playing games involving slavery, although this is not always the case.
  • Hypoxia – a rare type of autoerotic asphyxiation that causes a person to feel the symptoms of lack of oxygen while immersed in water. This may be fatal.
  • Japanese bondage – a bondage style that originated in Japan. It’s named “Kinbaku” in Japanese, the word “Kin” means “locked” and “baku” means “bondage.” Unlike western slavery, it is not only used for sexual gratification, but is something of a form of craft.
  • Mummification – a particular form of bondage that includes covering a participant in whole or in part in materials such as bubble wrap, bonding tape, duct tape, etc., but can be harmful if the bonding prevents the flow of air.
  • Orgasm Management – a sexual activity that involves taking control of how, when and when an orgasm happens.
  • Denial of orgasm – a sexual activity in which a person is held at a high degree of sexual excitement for an extended period of time without orgasm.

Kinks For Sharing of Power

  • Begging – begging for sex or an organism.
  • Wear a collar – wear a collar or watch someone be chained to demonstrate obedience to the superior.
  • Discipline – the process of teaching a person to be compliant

For Power Exchange Kinks

  • Begging-to beg for sex or an organism.
  • Wear a collar to demonstrate obedience to a dominant, wear a collar or see someone being bound.
  • Discipline is a disciplinary technique for a submissive to be obedient to a superior discipline issued for a particular transgression.

For Embarrassment Curtsey

  • Cuckolding-a sexual fetish in which a man gets aroused while watching other men having sex with his partner.
  • Harassment-a sexual humiliation or violence activity for pleasure.
  • Dirty Talk-the use of terms that are overt and arousing to discuss sexual intercourse.
  • Face sitting is a sexual act in which one human sits for gratification on the face of another person, either party possessing some gender identity or sexuality.
  • Sexually aroused by slapping the face or slapping the face, Face Slapping
  • Humiliation of the penis-a kink that requires an insult to the penis of a individual, including its height, appearance and results.
  • Queening: a sexual act in which a woman sits for gratification on the face of her husband.

Creases of sexual exposure / Sexual exposure

  • Sexually excited as other people hear of your sexual habits, Agrexophilia. This entails having sex in public places, watching your internet sex tape, or bragging about your conquests.
  • Exhibitionism-sexual preference in front of other people for sex or being nude. Pay heed, this may be illegal!
  • Sexual stimulation from sexual behavior in front of a mirror, such as dating, masturbation, etc. Catoptronophilia
  • Mixophilia-sexual excitement by seeing someone (with their consent and understanding) or doing a sexual act by yourself, e.g. having sex in front of a mirror.
  • Sexual arousal from spying on people who are nude or engaged in sexual activities is voyeurism. There will be nonconsensual voyeurism against the statute.
  • Vicophilia-sexual excitement by reading narratives of (sexual) habits, experiences and actions of other individuals.

For multiple intimate partners, Kinks For

  • Sex in groups-a sexual interaction involving more than two males. It happens between persons and genders of both sexual orientations.
  • Polyiterophilia-for party sex , sexual orientation.
  • Triolism. Erotic excitement in threesomes. This can mean seeing another human having sex with your wife.

Tendencies with Sexual Identity

  • Andromimetophilia, or female-to – male transsexuals, is a physical preference to people who look or behave like males.
  • Autoandrophilia-The thought of being a man is aroused by a biological female.
  • Lesbophilia is a fetishistic obsession with lesbians and sexual interaction between females (usually by non-lesbians).
  • Yaoi: sexual arousal in anime, comics, or fanfiction to male-versus-male anatomy. It was addressing a female crowd, not a gay guy.

Severe to never dream about!!

Don’t let criminals become your family!

The act of sexual contact with non-human animals is sodomy.

  • Hybristophilia-Behaviors including physical contact with someone suspected to have committed “a felony or a crime such as kidnapping, homicide, or armed robbery.”
  • Necrophilia-behaviors affecting individual beings in sexual intercourse.
  • Necrozoophilia-the act of murdering animals with their dead bodies to have sex.
  • Pedophilia is a practice involving sexual contact with one or more prepubescent infants, normally 13 years of age or younger.
  • Raptophilia, also known as ‘biastophilia,’ is the act of rape for sexual pleasure.
  • Sniffing-the act of murdering for sexual pleasure or being murdered. This is thought to be merely an urban legend, but there are movies on the internet of actual people being kidnapped and executed, which in fact is incredibly cruel and illegal.
  • Pre / pre-arephilia-for sexual pleasure, the act of eating or being eaten while another is alive. It’s extremely dangerous, and illegal in fact.

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