We are all desperately searching for all types of female porn stars, but we neglect the male porn stars who are as important as women to the porn industry. Most of the time, these actors are ignored and often relegated to a simple prop in most videos because the female actor is the full priority. But their job, pun by purpose, is pretty hard, because they have to go hard, stay hard, and cum on the orders of the director, and the video goes on for hours and doesn’t end with just a single clip. So, I thought it was time to give the male porn stars the attention they deserve with this list after writing so many articles about porn women!

I ‘m suggesting that I want to bring the male performers in the spotlight with this post, but that’s not the only reason I am doing so. Personally , I agree that if you like watching porn, and if you choose to see multiple porn stars all the time, than it is easier to memorize the names of the male performers than the female performers because compared to the latter, the former do a lot more scenes. You will find a lot of videos of him watching him screw a new person-teen, old, and MILF-if you just look at the male performer’s page, and you can see a new girl on the phone. This is also a perfect place to find out about newcomers to the porn industry, as they are mostly partnered in their earlier scenes with experienced male porn stars. So, these are the two reasons why you should know the names of the porn industry’s top male actors by now!

Best Male Stars in Porn

Vegas Michael

To be honest, within a mile of my girlfriend, I wouldn’t have Michael Vegas, because I’m scared of how his dick keeps getting some of the sexiest and most seductive women in the world to strip off their pants, stretch them out, and be considered a rainstorm in the tropics! Michael has no fear of crossing boundaries and exploring his sexuality. That means that someone who has the nerve would let the asshole get fucked in the ass! He’s not scared either if he’s pinned and double penetrated.

Tommy Gunn

This bastard is a huge favorite among the ladies who are ready to give up their cunt for the artillery that this man packs around in his shorts for some serious massacre! Tommy is an sexy, cheerful, and lithe operator who makes the ladies feel comfortable and gives them a good excuse to dress up more often in their birthday suits! He won awards from the weavers of the basket and has the ability to find the G-spot and give it those sweet moments!

White Chad

Chad is a huge stallion who in hundreds of XXX movies has revealed his face and pounded ample pussies to damage your balls out of pity on the big screen! He’s huge, he’s handsome as sin, he’s heavily muscled, and he’s big enough to raise a tall kid and impale her on the bow of his giant stand! The guy looks so adorable that even though he’s an all-pussy actor, I’m dreaming about fucking him. There’s no denying, though, that he merits the top spot on the list of the best male porn stars.

JMac Mac

Chances are you’ve seen Jmac in play, even though you don’t know its name. You just can’t confuse it with anyone with its shaved pate, large frame, beard, and oak stump rooster that sets it apart from the competition. Jmac specializes in stuffing his boner of epic proportions with petite pornstar pussy and looks totally shocked when they scream and tell him he’s too tall and should instead fuck elephants! This guy seems to make a living off sex, and if he sampled any girl’s pussy within a mile of his house, it wouldn’t surprise me at all!

Seth Gamble

Seth Gamble is the kind of guy named by the studios when they want someone who does better than finding each hole quickly and stuffing it with his dick! This man has dreamy eyes that a goldfish could drown and a voice that would make a horrible bunch of women so sweaty they could skate over their thighs with water! Plus, it has eggs that are larger than any avocado you’ve ever seen and a tongue you would use to kill an alligator!

Johnny Castle

If a live, breathing goddamn machine ever existed, it would be Johnny Castle himself! This man is a mean fucker with a cock so strong it could be used in Death Valley to mine for diamonds! Johnny is a no-frills guy who, the moment he sees an open pussy which needs to be spread and filled, brings his cock home with him. Johnny enjoys pumping pussies like a knight attacking a palace wall and making a lot of sexy ladies down there so exhausted that they have to sit for weeks on ice!

Outlaw Sean

You can be sure with a name like Lawless that Sean has a lot of respect, particularly with horny women who need a long cock inside them as much as I need a dollar injection in my bank account! Well, Sean is a tall, lean man with a straight arrow next door, where his tail should be! Any woman in sight starts to tremble as soon as he gets hold of this weapon of war and her cracks begin to twitch with anticipation! Sean has appeared in hundreds of XXX videos, and the target of his lawless cock is banging the pussies of gorgeous pornstars!

Steve Holmes

Steve Holmes, who hails from Romania, is a massive and bearded bear of a man with a tail that will make himself cross the devil! Eclectic and agile, he drills every opportunity he sees as if he hopes to collect clues about the guys who killed the late Jimmy Hoffa! This guy can really handle it, and even wearing a chastity belt would not shield you from his uncut, burrowing cock if you are a lady! Charisma is the one thing he lacks, but his long stick of desire makes it up and earns him a spot on the list of the best male pores.

Alex Legend

Well, this man from France has a grin that you just want to kiss, and he’s over six foot tall. He seems to be very lean and slim, and his weapon of choice is my arm’s length stand! Alex Legend, athletic and tattooed, will demonstrate convincing reasons why she can squirt on any cunt, and in an amazing way too! Applause for this legend and its pussy-creaming talents, as any woman does not want to go down and feast on her throbbing boner for no reason!

Small Paws

One of the biggest male porn stars right now, Small Hands, whose real name is Aaron Thompson, is married to another gorgeous and tattooed porn star named Joanna Angel. Mr. Small Hands may or may not have marginally small hands, but his tail is certainly an overactive instrument that must be fuelled by nuclear fuel! He loves being rimmed, sucking sweet ass, getting a BJ, and bashing sluts so hard they’re moaning like a relative’s lost!

Charles Dera

Mr. Charles is a former Marine with a personality bigger than life and a monolithic rooster that could open a hangar for aircraft! With slight grace, he bewitches, looks beautiful enough to sleep a queen, has rock-hard muscles, and can keep her alive longer than other men do. Notable with his handlebar beard, he has been wetting comfortable pussies longer than you were in school with his cum juice! Newcomers and porn veterans, teens and adult ladies, all tasted his dick and saw it pound in their holes, and none of them ever screamed about leaving it unsatisfied!

Mason Kyle

All the male porn stars mentioned so far are on the high side, and you just know you’re not going to be let down by Kyle Mason. He’s a handsome but otherwise largely overlooked character standing over six foot tall that happens to have a tail that makes pussies so proud they can fry themselves, flap their wings, and run up to the clouds! Kyle is well hung and very keen on using this dick through women’s pussies and assholes in dull red holes! It’s easier to not strip nude around him or toast your butt!

Spanish Ricky

Well, the Spanish Ricky looks young enough to be my son! If I had a son like him, once he was of legal age and had the kind of wood for which he was gifted, I might seriously imagine pairing him with the city ladies! Yeah, you will have enough orgasms and creams with him between your legs to permanently screw up your brain mass! Ricky is shorter on this list than most of the guys and has a clean shaven, new face that makes him too many adorable pussies to count!

Scott Nails

This kind of fucker guy born in Arizona and tattooed reminds me of a jail prisoner I once met who used his dick to break new ground! Scott wants to nail the females so much that he almost fractures their tailbone, anyway, and he’s been signed to almost every major industry studio. He has an impressive number of nominations; and he’s made a big comeback after taking a break from the industry, raping all the top porn stars one by one like he’s trying to make up for all the missed time and chances of having fresh pussies and assholes!

Pistol Tommy

Well, the gunslinger is undoubtedly not playing! You know, Tommy Pistol got his name from the immense six-gun between his thighs! This gun is cocked, primed, and still ready for weeks to divide a fat pussy in half and keep it sore! Tommy is a very good man because he doesn’t have his nuclear tail keeping women hostage! He ‘s pretty good-looking and well-built, with a mustache and plenty of tattoos. Best leave this guy alone as he is well armed, dangerous, and well suited to make cum with pleasure for all the ladies around him!


With a focus on the girls, there are a lot of video clips that don’t mention the man. Yes, you never get to hear those male porn stars’ names, and you never know what they’re all about. Bambino is one of the most talented XXX male stars out there, trapped in the holes of some of the most gorgeous porn stars in the world with his huge third leg and never earned the recognition he deserves. What unfairness! D.

Owen Gray

Owen Gray is spectacularly tall and green-eyed. He looks like a guitarist or a plumber, his face soft, his limbs long and his tail almost at his knees! The guy is lavishly adorned with tattoos, pumps his cunt like he’s got an engine in his waist, and is a trained sex professional who can get a nymphomaniac to scream for mercy and beg for a breather! He’s a winner, or he’d never be among the best male porn stars for tea and noodles in China on this list!

Mick Blue

Mick Blue is an Austrian-born bad boy who happens to be blessed with a cast steel tail that can push a freight train down! He is medium in height and for an amazing amount of years he has been supplying pussy rain milk. There are reports that this man has appeared in over a thousand XXX movies. If so, I ‘m sure there are maybe a thousand or more people in the world who’ve been bowlegged for years, and all because mad Mick flipped her on a bed and almost pumped her up until she actually went crazy!

Ricky Johnson

With the one and only Ricky Johnson appearance, the porn world broke up about five or so years ago and hasn’t been the same since! In a month full of Sundays, this dark-skinned villain was nominated for more honors or won more than a stick could be shook and delivered the tail that sent as many superstar females over the brink as Adriana Chechik! Perhaps the most gorgeous guy on this list is Ricky and he has a good BBC that he doesn’t fear stabbing any lady who begs for a decent spanking that shakes her bones to bits!

James Deen

James Deen isn’t one of the usual stars of male porn. He’s slimmer than the big-boned jockeys who make up much of the population, he doesn’t have any tattoos, and he seems like a street man. Having wanted to star in porn films since childhood, when he turned 18, he saw his fantasies come true. James is the youngest recipient of the award for Male Actor of the Year and has appeared in over 3,000 porn clips since then. He has been on the latest being haunted by accusations of sexual assault with no good news and this has badly impacted his reputation.

Dupree Markus

The first Russian on this list is Markus Dupree, and the guy is mean enough to twist my sphincter in terror! Markus is a little less than six foot tall, with a muscular frame, a tail about as thick as your thigh, and a hard-to-remember smile. Asses possess this guy’s unique obsession, which is why you can see him ditching a juicy pussy in several clips for the closer warmth of a warm anus that belongs to every crazy slut enough to get her butt in to get him around!

Keiran Lee

Keiran Lee, born in England, is a gorgeous six-foot-tall man who grins like he knows what you had up your butt yesterday! He’s got a hard body and a tail so long that every time he runs, I wonder how he doesn’t trip over it! If you can guess, the girls love to suck it into gelatin, roll it and coo in their mouths before stuffing it into their wet and disgusting slit as far as possible! Keiran is such a charmer, and all he has to do if that’s not enough is lower his shorts so that a babe in her snug pussy or anus will make room for him!

Polla Jordi El Niño

Before, you actually saw Jordi El Niño Polla fooling around. He’s a really slim man who looks about as short as a boy from middle school who is from Spain. Jordi doesn’t speak much English, and neither does he have an imperative, not if he can get the protruding anaconda between his legs to do what few other reptiles do! Yes, Jordi is so amazing he ought to be knighted and over the years he has drilled ample superstars and hot mature babes on the television to make me madly jealous.

Tyler Nixon

Tyler Nixon is shorter than normal at 5’7′′, but also one of the best male porn stars in the industry. He’s in his early thirties, tough and more enticing on a chilly morning than the devil! I want to brush my fingers through this guy’s long brown hair, because there’s just something about him that makes the ladies trust him and spread their legs so he can see what he’s good at doing to their needy slits! What Tyler likes best is nibbling on little pussies and hurting them with his long tail, and you should see him in action and discover a few lessons that your girl is going to thank you for the rest of your life!

Jason Luv

What you feel when Jason Luv looks down on you is lust and not love, particularly when you have a pussy that he likes to look like! Jason Luv is a taller-than-mountain black man and meaner than a divorced rattlesnake. He’s signed with Blacked, he ‘s got enough tattoos to intimidate a street gang, and he’s got the sort of creepy cock that jackhammers look tame! He doesn’t pause until the pit he goes into is bombed and demolished to the point of destruction until this guy gets rolling. No wonder some of his partners find it hard after a session with him to walk normally!

Corvus Xander Corvus

Xander Corvus is considered to be a bad boy of some kind, and I am not here to speak about that appraisal! He’s the kind of guy you can see being able to bang all the pussies within 48 hours of moving to a new home in a new district within a block radius! A toned frame, lots of fat, and a royal spear from the tail, Xander rocks! The man fucks anything that moves, i.e. it is open game for any girl pussy or asshole he sees and can be hammered until she bleats!

Johnny Sins

I’m a big man, but if I saw Johnny Sins coming down a city street and walking toward me, I’d actually take my shoes off and sprint the other way around! It just seems too frightening to Johnny Sins and is the size of a brick shit house! He’s bald, he’s got a serious weightlifter, and a solid stance that could kill a kite in an emergency! His sheer power means that this man can quickly pick up a chick and screw her for hours when she’s hanging with his boner up in mid-air so high that for the remainder of her life she will need physical therapy! This man is bad news, but he’s the answer to your prayers if you have a cunt that you want to torture with a badass spanking!

Rocco Siffredi

Old Rocco is the sort of man that your parents take care of when both of you were already lying in bed. He’s an AVN Hall of Famer with an award-winning room that looks as fine as only Italian men do. Rocco could write a volume on all of his types of crap and was notorious for choosing to bury his boner in folded assholes and eat ass like he’s not going to get it dangling in a decade or so! And I only wonder how many pussies and assholes he ended up breaking in two! This guy just likes it grossly.

Danny D

Danny D is the sort of tail, making most of the others look like malnourished earthworms with his boner! A third leg is pulled around by this ex construction worker who makes someone with a hole heart palpitation and is very decent at finding a pretty slut who lets him stuff her so hard you can almost hear her guts squeak! Danny D is tall, but ordinary looking. He does a fine job telling pussies the value of showing respect to a giant cock like his, which is why if he ever ran for office, I would prefer him for president!

Ferrara Manuel

This man is so brilliant at crushing pussies that for doing it, they keep awarding him trophies! Manuel is in his forties, charming enough to crack the heart of this Central Park stone statue, and he’s been busy packing his huge meat into free pussies for a long time, almost as he had the copyright for it alone! This man fucked a lot of lovely ladies in hell and making them scream a little desperately while pumping his dick away with a brutal will that can’t be denied! On this list of the best male porn stars, he thoroughly deserves a spot, and the number one spot is likely to be forever reserved for him!

What are your favorite actors of male porn?

There were some of the best porn industry male stars that you could meet! Although the female performers are more popular, you can not overlook the fact that you won’t be able to enjoy a hardcore porn video without the male stars because the male stars carry with them the raw intensity it takes to make them submissive.

Let me touch on the absence of black male porn stars from this list before I close the post. There are not many of them listed, apart from a handful, but that’s only because I made a separate list that features only the best BBC stars in the business, so be sure to check this out.

If you have any ideas on how to make this list of the best male porn stars even better, be sure to let me know. To let me know which of the men in porn is your preference right now, use the comments section below!

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